Orvis Offers New Fiberglass Rods For 2014!

August 27, 2013 • Forum, Photo Gallery, Stream Reports

Superfine glass rod image

Orvis is offering a new line of Superfine Glass Fly Rods for 2014. We’ve been casting them this week in Manchester, Vermont and they are terrific! With all the famous fishable characteristics of glass, they are perform beautifully and have tapers that make them easy to load, accurate, and truly “fishable”. They feature an unsanded glass Orvis “retro” appearance that will remind you of the classic Orvis rod collection but with the technology that only Jim Logan at the Orvis Rod Shop can offer. We’re looking forward to having them as soon as they are available in January. They’ll retail for $395 and is sure to be an immediate hit.


Have learned that the new Orvis Superfine Glass rods are expected to be priced at $395 when they are available. Streamside inadvertently had them listed incorrectly. However, they're still a great retro-rod at a great retro-price. 


Fished the new rods in Libby on the Kootenai. As slow as one would expect, but much more pleasant than one might fear. Too slow for quick pick ups and mends though. Probably better for the slow, flat water of the Manistee and Boardman. Extremely nice looking and matches well with a CFO. Thanks to the gang in Manchester for the opportunity to fish it last week. D 


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