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    April 26, 2017 • Forum, Tips

    Early season trout fly fishing in Northern Michigan is typically centered on the Hendrickson (ephemerella subvaria #14) hatch. This three-tailed mayfly was given it’s common name by Theodore Gordon who tied flies to imitate the hatch for Albert Everett. Hendrickson. The Hendricksons are sometimes referred to as the “Gentleman’s” hatch because of its late morning […]

  2. How to Choose the Right Leader

    March 16, 2017 • Forum, Resources, Tips

    There are three important choices to consider when choosing the right leader for fly fishing. They are the length of the leader, and the size of the diameter of the butt section and diameter of the tippet (or level portion at the end of the leader).   Length Three factors determine what length leader to […]

  3. Fly Casting: The Pick Up

    January 21, 2016 • Forum, Tips

    Most participants at the Orvis Michigan Fly Fishing School arrive as novices. As such, we start their fly-casting instruction by asking them to pick up the fly line from the ground and deliver it back to the ground.  Amazingly, this is all that fly-casting really is: a pick-up and a delivery. Everything else that we […]

  4. Double Hauling Made Easier

    January 21, 2016 • Forum, Tips

    One of the many casting techniques that I teach each year is the double haul.  When fly casters begin  to challenge their skills and attempt longer casts, they quickly learn that it becomes increasingly difficult to add the increased amount of energy into the cast in a smooth enough manner to avoid tailing loops. As […]

  5. Orvis Superfine Touch Fly Rod Sale!

    July 22, 2014 • Forum, Tips

    Orvis’ Superfine Touch series fly rods are now on sale. The slower, classic tapers and actions are perfectly suited to small streams, delicate presentations, and a relaxed stroke. Now 20% OFF!

  6. Orvis Access Fly Rod Clearance!

    July 22, 2014 • Forum, Tips, Uncategorized

    Orvis’ highly successful Access fly rod series is on sale right now! Take 20% OFF any Access rod while supplies last. Match it with an Access reel and line and you have Orvis technology at a great price!

  7. How To Choose A Fly Rod

    March 31, 2014 • Forum, Tips

    If you’ve set your sights on a new fly rod, or perhaps your first fly rod, dive in and take a few notes.  High tech materials, fast actions, slow actions, new actions, line weights, rod lengths, tapers, flex indexes, grips, ferrule designs, finishes,… can be overwhelming. Relax. Here are some guidelines to help you choose […]