Stream Report Upper Manistee, Boardman Rivers – 10/28/15

October 28, 2015 • Stream Reports

Boardman River

UPDATE: DNR biologists have explained that the numbers of salmon collected this year are only about 10% of what was collected just four years ago. The drawdown is the result of an effort to protect the declining numbers of forage fish in Lake Michigan.

Boardman River numbers are no exception. Regardless, there have been fishable numbers of salmon,… most recently a few coho… in the river and lots of lakers that are aggressive.

The Boardman River is now closed to angling above Sabin Dam from now until April 30, 2016. Fishing below Sabin Dam is fair on streamers for brown trout and a slow and small run of Chinook salmon in the river below the weir that is in operation right now.

BoardmanRiver Report2015NOV

Upper Manistee River

The Upper Manistee if now catch and release only from CO612 to M115. Flies-Only water is from M72 to CCC Bridge. These regulations will continue until April 30, 2016. Fishing is fair on streamers mornings. Colder water has made some good brown trout post-spawn and aggressive. Tiny baetis #20-24 are still available on unseasonably warm days that are overcast. Watch for bank feeders in the water along the edges.

Upper Manistee RiverReport 2015NOV