Stream Report Upper Manistee, Boardman Rivers – 6/14/16

June 14, 2016 • Stream Reports

Boardman River and Upper Manistee River

Fishing is excellent. Streamer fishing is good early from 7-8am. Tan caddis #14 are moving fish all afternoon from 4-6pm. Yellow stoneflies from 7-8:30p. Sulfurs (ephemerella invaria #16) are also emerging from 7-9pm. Some spinners now around 8-9pm. Smaller sulfur (e. dorothea #18) is also emerging from 8-9:30pm. Isonychia bicolor #12 from 8-10:30pm. Brown drake spinners #10 are from 10pm to dark.

Robert’s Yellow Drake #10-16
Sulfur thorax #16
Cut-wing sulfur #16
Dave’s Oh-So-Iso #12
Crystal Wing Rusty Spinner #16
Zugglers White, Yellow, Black, Olive #4
Beadhead Olive and Black Wooly Bugger #8
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