Monthly Archives: January 2014

  1. July 2013 Montana Angling

    Tom and Andrew Johnson had a great trip to the Madison, Ruby, Lamar, Slough Creek and Big Hole last July. If you'd like to join the Streamside gang in Montana this fall, take a look at this Kootenai River Trip link.

    Johnson boys photo

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  2. Winter steelhead beauty!

    Ryan Farley released this gorgeous winter steelhead on the Boardman a few days ago. Ryan was one of the Orvis Streamside staff until he entered medical school. He better get back to the books!

    Farley Steelhead

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  3. Boardman/Manistee Stream Report—Jan. 3, 2014

    Steelhead fishing is still active although extreme cold has slowed things and made parking, ice and success a little slow. Slow down the approach and swing more than strip if streamer fishing. Some coho are still entering the rivers as well right now. Keep an eye out for the latent brown trout spawner too.




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