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  1. Orvis and TU Team Up For 1000 Mile Stream Improvement Project In Utah

    This is an ambitious stream improvement project that deserves out attention and support. Those who support Great Lakes steelhead might consider the upstream movement of steelhead above the hundreds of culverts that stand between Lake Michigan and decent upstream spawning habitat. Perhaps if we improve their ability to move upstream on rivers that are already open to their upstream movement we wouldn't have to impose on the Upper Boardman River and jeopardize the exisitng brook trout populations.

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  2. 2012 World Fly Casting Championships

    This is a video of the Nagernes, Norway World Fly Casting Championships in 2012. Check it out. I never tire of watching Steve Rajeff crank a cast with a Salmon Distance rod. Watch him throw a 67.5 meters (222 feet!) cast and then hit 18 out of a possible 20 in the Trout Accuracy competition. Steve offers a great explanation of the tournament.

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  3. Shopping At Your Local Fly Shop - Hank Patterson

    Here's how to spend a truly complete visit to your local fly shop. We occasionally see Hank in the store... or a close relative or two. Have a laugh on us.

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  4. Stream Report - March 23, 2014 Boardman, and Manistee Rivers

    Cold weather has limited access to the Upper Manistee River, although water is once again flowing and shelf ice is disappearing. Streamer fishing will once again take hold once the temps move above freezing late next week. Until then, steelhead continue to arrive in the lower Boardman River in downtown Traverse City and are taking single eggs, and caddis nymphs below indicators. Best sections are from weir to Park Street. Betsie River is beginning to break up below Homestead Dam and fish are scattered, but numbers are not in yet from Frankfort that is still frozen up. Lake Michigan is still ice covered and the water will take a while to warm and encourage light and temps to push fresh steelhead into the rivers. Winter's grip is still tight.

    Boardman Pretty winter 1-13

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  5. Orvis Helios 2 Fly Rods - Still at the top of the heap! Award winning technology!

    Orvis Helios 2 fly rods are still at the top of the technological heap. At the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo in Warren, Michigan last weekend, we were amazed at how they still dominate the casting pond, customers' bucket lists, and the river. Check out this new video from Manchester.


    Dave building rods at Orvis Still made in Manchester, Vermont. First-hand knowledge of the quality.


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  6. "Damsels in Distress" Rising trout video by Simon Perkins

    Check out this incredible video of rising trout on a damsel fly hatch shot by Simon Perkins' Sharptail Productions. Just amazing!


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