This post is a step-by-step method of teaching a beginner to fly cast. It is offered as an aid to assist fly casting instructors to teach the skill.

The Seven Step Fly Casting Method has been developed over the last 40  years by some of the finest fly casting experts in the world. What began as a typical "10 to 2" style false casting introduction, has now evolved into a "Seven Step Method" that takes a total novice and takes him or her to a false casting, line shooting, target hitting, fly caster in less than one hour. It also prepares them to takes them to the edge of double hauling, mid-air mending, and slack-line specialty casts. This video is intended for fly casting instructors who will help novices get to that edge.

Each of the seven segments take approximately 2 to 3 minutes to demonstrate and have the student perform. Instructors will then need another 4 to 5 minutes to move from student to student helping them accomplish each task. This should all take roughly 45 minutes to one hour.

Prospective TU instructors should use this video as a guide to practice presenting each step as they would at the TU Fly Fishing School with their assigned students. If you have difficulty demonstrating the different loop shapes or common errors at a speed that is slow enough for beginning students to recognize, contact Dave Leonhard at Streamside Orvis (231) 933-9300.


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