Monthly Archives: February 2023

  1. Tying the Predator Gurgler

    Predator Gurgler

    Hook:Firehole 801P #1/0


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  2. Tying the Hazy Cripple

    Hazy Cripple

    Hook:Orvis 1523 #12-14

    Thread:Uni Thread purple 8/0

    Tails:Brown Z-lon

    Abdoman:Purple Life Flex

    Wing:White Parapost

    Hackle:Grizzly/Brown mix

    This is the 6th week of the 2023 fly tying class. Walter Weise’s Hazy Cripple is based on Rowan Nyman’s DOA Cripple which is based loosely on Bob Quigley’s cripple. Emergers and cripples, as Weise explains, are more effective when fished for selective or heavily-pressured trout. This pattern is Weise’s offshoot of the Purple Haze, one of the most popular attractor patterns for mid-Summer trout fishing.

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