Photo Gallery

  1. Phil Croff Mousing Magic

    Streamside Orvis guide, Phil Croff, wrestled this big brown in the middle of the night over a mouse pattern.

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  2. Coming soon to a cutty near you...

    Sean McAfee demonstrates how Orvis' new Recon rods are indeed "guaranteed fish getters". No operator error here. These new Recon rods are quick, light, durable, and super smooth casting tools. Five days of effortless casts in northwest Montana and the trout are already scared. Can't wait to get our hands on a full run of these beauties... Coming New Years!

    Sean McAfee cutty small

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  3. Paul Lavins Mongolian Taimen Gold!

    Paul Lavins just returned from another trip to Mongolia and a successful taimen adventure. Here are just a couple of the big brutes!

    Paul Lavins taimen

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  4. Getting Hexed on the Boardman - Ben Brown

    Here's a great blog post from Orvis Streamside's own Ben Brown that recently appeared on the Orvis Blog. Check it out!

    Ben Thane Big browns


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  5. 2014 Cherry Festival Hosts Blue Angels!

    After a hiatus of several years, the Blue Angels were once again shaking the windows of downtown merchants and wowing the crowds last weekend in Traverse City, Michigan. Their show was a hit and drew a crowd of what experts estimate was nearly 500,000! Here a just a few shots that Jackie Andres took while we enjoyed the traditional "Pig Roast" at the Apache Trout Grill during the show. Thanks to Jackie for the photos and to Mike Connors and Sheila Connors for a great day.

    Blue Angel plane 2014








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  6. Hex Fishing In Full Swing

    The Hex (hexagenia limbata) hatch is in full swing right now and is occurring on most northern Michigan rivers including the Boardman, Upper Manistee, and others nearby. Large brown trout are the target for most anglers as the hatch intensifies. Ben Brown and Thane Herbert scored a couple of 20+ inch brutes last night. Good going guys!

    Ben Thane Big browns

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  7. Guided Clients Move Big Brown Trout

    Here are a couple of the five brown trout in excess of 20 inches that Dan Miller caught with guide, Craig Feibing this week on the Upper Manistee River during the fabled "Hex" hatch. Big flies... big trout... big fun!

    Craig big brown

    Hex brown Craig

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  8. Pike On A Fly

    Dr. Scott Smith enjoyed spending Father's Day with dad in Saskatchewan this year.
    He took this photo of the 46" 26 1/2 pound pike and was lucky enough to
    land one on one of his Bunny Strip Leaches. Nice fish Scotty!! ... note the Orvis Mirage reel!
    Scott Smith pike 2


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  9. "Damsels in Distress" Rising trout video by Simon Perkins

    Check out this incredible video of rising trout on a damsel fly hatch shot by Simon Perkins' Sharptail Productions. Just amazing!


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  10. July 2013 Montana Angling

    Tom and Andrew Johnson had a great trip to the Madison, Ruby, Lamar, Slough Creek and Big Hole last July. If you'd like to join the Streamside gang in Montana this fall, take a look at this Kootenai River Trip link.

    Johnson boys photo

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