New-Age Gartside Soft-Hackled Streamer

Hook:  Orvis 228S #4

Eyes:Black bead-chain

Thread:  Uni Thread 6/0 black

Underwing:  Ripple Ice Fiber copper

Hackle:Yellow and brown blood marabou

This is the second week of the 2023 Streamside Orvis fly tying class. Jack Gartside’s Soft-Hackle streamer is alive even when it’s dead drifting downstream. Jack’s use of marabou by hackling it is ingenious and extremely effective and made this pattern one of his most revolutionary. It rests alongside other of his creations like the Sparrow, Gurgler, Carrot Top, and Pheasant Hopper. This fly can be tied in a variety of  colors for many common baitfish and trout species.