Predator Gurgler

Hook:Firehole 801P #1/0

Thread:GSP 150 white

Tail:White bucktail with white saddle hackle

Body:Pearl Ice Dub in dubbing loop

Overwing:Barred chartruese saddle hackle tied flat

Head:Layered foam tied Gurgler style

This is the final installment of the 2023 Streamside Orvis fly tying class. Jack Gartside invented the Gurgler fly. The Gurgler is a floating fly that can be pulled to create a “Gurgle” sound like a bass popper. Today the Gurgler tied to attract trout, large and smallmouth bass, striped bass, pike, tarpon, snook, GT’s and many other species. In Jack's own words, "Fishing a Gurgler is one of the most thrilling ways to catch a fish. If I had only fly I could fish all the time, the Gurgler would be it. Whether it's striped bass, freshwater bass, trout, tigerfish or just about any other sportfish you can name, a properly-fished Gurgler can entice and excite even the most reluctant fish to smash it as you work the fly across the surface."