manistee river

  1. Stream Report Upper Manistee, Boardman Rivers - 6/14/16

    Boardman River and Upper Manistee River

    Fishing is excellent. Streamer fishing is good early from 7-8am. Tan caddis #14 are moving fish all afternoon from 4-6pm. Yellow stoneflies from 7-8:30p. Sulfurs (ephemerella invaria #16) are also emerging from 7-9pm. Some spinners now around 8-9pm. Smaller sulfur (e. dorothea #18) is also emerging from 8-9:30pm. Isonychia bicolor #12 from 8-10:30pm. Brown drake spinners #10 are from 10pm to dark.

    Robert’s Yellow Drake #10-16
    Sulfur thorax #16
    Cut-wing sulfur #16
    Dave’s Oh-So-Iso #12
    Crystal Wing Rusty Spinner #16
    Zugglers White, Yellow, Black, Olive #4
    Beadhead Olive and Black Wooly Bugger #8
    BoardmanRiver Report2016 LATEJUNEUpper Manistee RiverReport 2016 LATEJUNE
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  2. Manistee River, Boardman River Stream Report - September 16, 2013

    The streamer bite is picking up with the cold temps. Attractors continue to work in the late afternoons as water temps try to rise. Tiny BWO's starting now too. Look for them along the banks where they emerge. Some large fish will hang on the banks sipping them on gray days.

    Manistee streamrepor#490040
    Boardman streamrepor#49004C
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