Boardman River

Fishing is very good with water warming and hatches going well daily. Black caddis (#16) are going daily from 4-6pm, and sulfurs (ephemerella invaria #16) are emerging from 7-9pm. Egg-layers (caddis) are hitting the water around 6:30pm. Sulfur spinners are on the water from 8-9pm.

BoardmanRiver Report2016 EARLYJUNE

Upper Manistee River

Fishing is excellent from Yellowtrees to 3 Mile Landing. Streamer fishing mornings from 7 -8am. Black caddis all afternoon with egg-layers coming to the water 6:30pm. Mahogonies (paraleptophebia #16) are moving lots of fish from 7-9pm and sulfurs (ephemerealla invaria 16) are everywhere evenings from 7-9pm. Sulfur spinners

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